Prof. Dr. Jung Gi Hong (Dean)

Phone +82 31-728-7900
Email ptlhong@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Athletic Training, Strength Training and Conditioning

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seong Jun Son

Phone +82 31-728-7910
Email sson2@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation

Assist. Prof. Dr. Woo-Hwi Yang

Phone +82 31-728-7917
Email ywh1235@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Exercise Physiology & Physiological Diagnostics (energetic contributions, metabolic flexibility, sports performance)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Young Kyun Kim

Phone +82 31-728-7918
Email ykkim2020@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Athletic Training, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy

Ho Yoon

Phone +82 31-881-7104
Email ho@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Neuroanatomy

Dong Eun Shin

Phone +82 31-780-5289
Email shinde@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Orthopedic

Sung Ki Lee

Phone +82 31-850-8960
Email sklee@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Sports Rehabilitaion and Therapy

Min Chul Lee

Phone +82 31-850-8958
Email mclee@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Exercise Biochemistry, Nutrition

Suk Yool Jung

Phone +82 31-850-8985
Email syjung@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Exercise Physiology, Training