Sports medicine comes to the fore more than
before as expanding the base of sports
and developing of sports industry.

Injury management, rehabilitation and prevention training of injury are offered to not only sports players as professional but also normal people who enjoy sports for all today.


Evidence based medicine and a high level of training science for improving sports performance traditionally extend coverage in the health medical field with metabolic diseases and muscular skeletal diseases.


The graduate school of sports medicine at CHA university starts the master’s course and the doctor’s course in 2017 with the aim of fostering competent sports medicine experts who can meet the demand of society.


The master’s course in sports medicine has already been used in Athletic Training, which is applied to improve sports performance and sports injury essentially and Medical Exercise, which can be effectively applied to treat and manage various diseases such as metabolic diseases and muscular skeletal diseases as consisting of competitive curriculum internationally.

The graduates of sports medicine master’s course will not only learn the necessary medical expertise and training skills but also participate in sports medicine research using medical systems of global CHA hospitals linked with CHA university, thereby establishing the professionalism of sports medicine watchers.


The graduates of the doctor’s course will be able to participate in the research projects being progressed by CHA university and affiliated hospitals and they are offered to gain experience as medical exercises specialists in domestic and overseas medical institutions and companies connected with CHA university.


Sports industry and healthcare markets are growing faster with the continual development of technology today.


The commercialization of data technology and artificial intelligence(AI) needs sports medicine experts with specialized medical knowledge and highly trained experience.


For your brilliant, meaningful and only one future, make ready at the most optimized graduate school of CHA university.

Jung-Gi Hong
Dean of Graduate School of Sports Medicine