We promise to nurture sports medicine professionals who can be a leader in the sports and health care industry.

Sports medicine is based on ‘Medical and exercise science approach, aimed at managing and preventing injuries and diseases arising during sports and physical activities’


Sports competition becomes fiercer and kinematic health care is required, medical knowledge and exquisite advanced exercise science knowledge and experiences are needed more and more.


The role of bridge as athlete and exercise scientist in this chronological change is important to solve the interdisciplinary challenges of exercise and medicine.


The sports medicine graduate school of CHA university contribute to the evolution sports and exercise and create a fusion initiative model that could overcome the medical controversy of sports and exercise training. It will also nurture talented people who can control these kind of systems.

Athletic Training


– It provides the curriculum required by international athletic trainer organizations for expert training and certification, included athletic physical checkup, sports injury assessments, first aid, medical treatment, sports rehabilitation, conditioning, injury prevention and athletic training administration and theoretical, practical, and research-based abilities by carrying out studies that prove the effects of neuromuscular, kinetic mechanism and exercise therapy and sports prevention.

Medical Exercise


– It provides the curriculum that is designed to review in depth the human anatomy, functional anatomy, and basic exercise science subjects, learn about the characteristics of metabolic diseases, muscloskeletal disorders and various chronic diseases and learn specific exercises and precautions considered age and gender characteristics. By extension, it conducts research projects and on-the-job training to discuss evidence-based exercise through clinical studies and link them to actual research experiments to verify their effectiveness.